"If I now click pebbles together to make the stones chat, is that the same as the time that Susie did it?"

...giving voice 
to the other, 
to another, 
outside the human, 
beyond the human language...

art that exists uncomfortably within its own skin

a transient work, 
an ephemeral work. 
It is an ambivalent presentation 
of art that is ridiculously self-indulgent, 
whose connection to ‘the real world’ is tenuous at best. 
And yet this is exactly why I like it so much. 

 Alistair Fitchett

throw only to an alert catcher

collaborative show with 
Megan Calver 
Gabrielle Hoad

artists' book - lie lie lie

The longing that is there 
of wanting to be twig 
of wanting to 
be tree

residency at Dawlish Warren

collaborative residency 
Megan Calver, 
Gabrielle Hoad 

i t o o f l o w


Should the Earth itself forget your name
Say this to the still Earth: I flow
Say this to the quick stream: I am

Don Paterson - Orpheus 

f l y i n g w h i t e s

Inanimate stones, plants, animals, everything, fills with unfolding significance.The fish and the birds become protectors                                                                    

t r a c e o f t h e s e a

storm wave 

break into your life like thief if you need to

a projection
a wave breaks inside
under the skirting board

w a v e trace

r e s e r v o i r


ink in water revealing the turning of the Earth
(The reservoir is not a dead place after all)


v i g i l

I wash my dirty hands. 
Such a mundane act.

light and life

It is from belief 
that truth 
has been discovered 

lizardine love 
makes you crawl 
on your belly 

just to see.

Light and life
I get them muddled